How to Change the Median UI Address Bar Color

How to Change the Median UI Address Bar Color

TrickPk.com - Address Bar is a column located above the browser which contains the Home button, Search column, Tabs, and Settings. This column is generally white and gray, sometimes it turns black if we turn on night mode.

The color of this address bar can be changed according to taste using the settings in Blogger. So, we can adjust the appearance to the theme of the Blog / Website that we have.

How to Edit Address Bar Color Automatically

  1. Open Blogger Dashboard

  2. Press Theme

  3. Click CUSTOMIZE

  4. Select Advanced

  5. Choose Theme Color

  6. Then the Address Bar Color will appear

  7. Press the color icon to search for more colors

  8. Choose a color according to your taste, if it can be in harmony with the dominant theme color

  9. Then press the icon Save / Save

That's how to change the Blogger Address Bar color on the Median UI template, hopefully it's useful for those of you who want to look the same as the trickpk.com template display , thank you for visiting 😊

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