How to Remove Anchor Ads on Median UI 1.6

How to Remove Anchor Ads on Median UI 1.6

TrickPk.com  - Anchor Ads are advertisements that appear below the smartphone screen. This ad is widely used by large sites. In fact, Google itself provides a special automatic ad code to display this Anchor ad.

Well, in the Median UI template, we can create this Anchor ad manually and can set where this ad will be displayed.

It can appear on the homepage only, or on the posting page only, or on only static pages, or even on all pages.

I myself use Anchor Ads, but I don't display it on the homepage, because I want visitors to see the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

I only show this ad on post pages and static pages because it feels more optimal in increasing income.

How to Remove Anchor Ads on Median UI 1.6

However, some bloggers don't like the Anchor ads widget appearing in the Median UI, because it will cover the navigation menu below it.

Well, if you're one of those people who don't like anchor ad widgets in Median UI, you can get rid of them by following this tutorial.

  1. Open  Blogger Dashboard

  2. Click  Layout

  3. Scroll down and look for the anchor-ad widget (Anchor ad placement(mobile only))

  4. Press the Pencil button

  5. In the Show this widget section , press the Green button until it turns Gray

  6. Finally, press Save

That's how to remove Anchor Ads on Median UI 1.6. Hopefully this tutorial is useful, How to Remove Annoying Widgets Under Anchor Ads Median UI 1.6

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