About TrickPk


TrickPk is one of the best useful tips & tricks based website in Pakistan. People can visit to trickpk blog and read topics without any registration.

Why The Name TrickPk?

I came up with the name when I thought of building an an online platform for other bloggers and builders to render the helps I can. And also to help those who are searching many tricks & tips about modern technology.

What Are The Topics Covered In TrickPk?

The topics covered in this website are: Tricks & Tips, Blogging tips, Make money online, Tutorial, projects, themes and template review, web services and blogging advice.

Trick Pk provides Interesting, useful, and valuable content that helps people to learn a lot of Tricks and Tips, Web Designing skills or Disciplines or Templates in the production and maintenance of websites.

Our services include:

  • Provides a lot of Tricks and Tips
  • Website and Blog design
  • Blog tutorial
  • Website management
  • Market place for buying and selling website
  • Domain registration[Still not available]
  • Connection of custom domains to Blogspot

Vision Of TrickPk

  • To share with others what we know as afar as internet is concerned
  • To keep bloggers, website owners and about-to-be bloggers motivated to give their blogs the best they have got
  • To teach/help newbies on how to choose topics, niches, manage blogs and have a responsive blog designs.
  • To offer web services such as web/blog design, redesign, Tutorial and consultation, domain registration and integration etc.
  • To offer a place where website or blog owners can sell their websites/blogs and where readymade blogs can be bought.

Visitors are able to give their opinion about any forum topics & ask any question in comment section after registration. They can apply to be a tuner for create tunes.

Our target

Our target is to make internet a learning place and we want to give chance to peoples to share their knowledge about technology by using our website.

Mission Of TrickPk

To achieve the aforementioned visions and other things to be added in the future.

TrickPk.com believes that knowledge is only for sharing so if any one know something about technology and wants to share will be always welcome to trickpk family member(Membership Program were added soon to this blog). And if any one wants to enrich knowledge about technology also always welcome to our website.

That’s why we are here to help you, make the journey easy.