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Which is better for SEO? using WWW or without WWW

TrickPk share today an article about Which is best for SEO WWW or No WWW, Let's look at bloggers. All blogs built using the blogspot platform will automatically use this www.

When going to create a website we will be faced with many choices. One of them is choosing the use of the website address itself, are you going to use www or stay www.

For blogspot users, inevitably they will automatically use www. The difference is if the website you create is developed using a CMS such as wordpress, Jomla or self-made cms.

Especially on that occasion we will thoroughly review, Which is better to use www. or without www. Will it have an impact on the SEO of the domain itself later,,,? or nothing to do with SEO ....?

Which is better for SEO, Using WWW or Without WWW

Using www or without www actually does not have a significant impact on the SEO of the blog or website that you create.

WWW or No WWW, Which is better for SEO WWW or No WWW


Google itself through the Search Console tool has provided these two options, whether the website you are building uses www or without www.

Both types of addresses can be accessed and verified directly by the Google search console.

1. Learn from Blogger / Blogspot

Let's look at bloggers. All blogs built using the blogspot platform will automatically use this www.

The world's oldest blogging platform still uses www why should we throw it away...?

Doesn't blogspot also belong to google...? If yes, without www is better for seo why google setting blogspot using www...?

2. Learn From Leading Websites

Do you know GSM Arena? that's a world-famous gadget website. The cell phone hasn't been released yet, GSM arena already knows what the shape and specifications of the cellphone will be published by Samsung, Apple, etc.

If we see, GSM arena is also still using the WWW. Not only GSM Arena, almost all websites in Pakistan also do the same thing (Still using www.)

3. Our Recommendations

When creating a website, you should still set your blog's address to use www even though wordpresss is actually able to get rid of this www address.

Because so far there is still no major website that eliminates www. So we prefer to stick with www which is better for SEO.

If you as a reader don't agree, it doesn't matter, please shorten the blog's address by eliminating www.

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