Daily 10 minutes Works and make Unlimited Money Online through Worldwide

Daily 10 minutes Works and make Unlimited Money Online through Worldwide

TrickPk.com - Becoming a Blogger (Blog Writer) is a profession that is rarely known by ordinary people. Though the income is very promising with relatively short working hours. His work is only 1 to 5 hours per day but his income can reach 1 million per month and even more.

Advantages of Being a Blogger

Before discussing how to earn Pkr 1 million per month in income, it's a good idea to first discuss the advantages of being a Blogger (Writer of articles on the internet)

  1. Free Working Time

  2. A job that is not bound by time and we are the ones who regulate when we want to work and when we want to rest.

  3. Workplace Can Be Anywhere

  4. No need for an office or studio, because we can blog wherever we want. In the room, in the canteen, at school, on campus, at the cafe, at the hotel while traveling, it's not a problem.

  5. No Diploma Needed

  6. Whether you graduate from elementary, middle, high school, or college, the minimum education requirements are not something that needs to be taken into account. Because everyone can do it.

  7. Small Responsibilities

  8. A Blogger does not have the binding responsibilities of a teacher. Because Blogger is only in charge of sharing information, it does not have any obligation and responsibility whether the reader understands it or not.

    Meanwhile, teachers are obliged and responsible for educating the nation's children. They are required so that students understand, get good grades, and graduate with the best grades.

    The salary is bigger than civil servants. Civil servants teachers have an average salary of 40k to 100k or more a month, depending on the level of class. Even though they have spent a lot of money on college and spent a lot of time teaching.

    While a blogger works just relaxing at home, rarely leaves the house, doesn't take care of naughty students at school, but his salary is even higher than civil servant teachers.

  9. No Need Uniform

  10. Work that can be done while drawing at home, yes, become a Blogger. He doesn't wear the uniform of a general, but he has a big influence in the world.


A successful blogger is not only known by the community, but can reach foreign countries.

Disadvantages of Being a Blogger

Although there are many advantages to being a Blogger (Blog Writer), it turns out that there are disadvantages to being a Blogger:

  1. Think of Unemployment

  2. Always working at home causes neighbors to think we are unemployed because we rarely go out.

  3. Thinking of Rich

  4. Rarely leaving the house but often buying expensive things, it's definitely a conversation. Until he was accused of doing rich.

  5. Considered Insignificant by Prospective In-laws

  6. When applying for a boyfriend, asked by the prospective in-laws what kind of work, the author of the Blog article answered. People are confused about what kind of work it is.

    Many people think that unusual jobs are low-income, but on the contrary. Even if they explain the working system they are more confused and say how come? Who's the salary?

  7. Not well known in the immediate environment

  8. A blogger is sometimes a closed person, rarely shows himself, introverted, rarely mingles with people around him. It's not that they can't, but that they're too spoiled for lying down to make money.

  9. Rarely Buy Luxury Vehicles

  10. Most of the money is spent on home, studio, and room needs. They rarely buy luxury vehicles considering their activities rarely leave the house. That's why their vehicles are improvised like the poor.

How to earn million rupees per month from a blog

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger, surely you want to be in that position. Who doesn't want to be lazy but make money? Don't have a lot of responsibilities but get paid dearly. 

How to Make Pkr 1 Million Every Month From A Blog

Here are some tips for making online money through worldwide:

Creating a Blog

First, of course you must already have a blog

Determining the Template

Choose a template that will definitely be used for at least the next 1 year. Don't make it a habit to change templates too often because it has the effect of draining your time for editing and redesigning.

Connect With Analysis Tools

I analyze the performance of articles and blogs through the Popularpost widget, through statistics on the Blogger dashboard directly, then use Google Analytics (versions G4 and Universal), and from the Alexa Rank site.

The goal is to analyze and monitor which articles are popular and need to be improved. At the same time so that we know who our visitors are and what they need.

Posting My Content

is different from other Bloggers, if others tell you to post 1 Niche or 1 Topic or 1 Theme only for one blog, I actually suggest posting articles with free themes (Themezest Blog). For example, today we will discuss business, tomorrow we will discuss tutorials, the day after tomorrow we will discuss applications.

The function of creating a jumbled blog like this is to see the potential of articles that are of interest to visitors. Because usually novice bloggers can't buy premium tools to predict articles that will boom or become trending topics.

Consistent Every Day

Post articles at least once a day. Let the Google search engine index Blogs regularly and naturally.


After a few months you will see numbers or statistics that can be measured to be taken into consideration in the future what articles should be reproduced.

For example, it turns out that your visitors prefer articles about Business, so try to reproduce that article compared to other articles.

Enter Many Circles

When we create a blog with 1 type of theme, the visitors must be the same circle. Meanwhile, if we create a blog with many themes, the visitors must come from various circles and segments. So our audience is wider, both in terms of age, profession, gender, and interests.

Always Able to Update

Ideas for writing can come from anywhere, when the algorithm changes, we can change which topics will be prioritized next. Especially if there is a topic that follows the trend, it is easier to create without fear of deviating from the niche.

Those are tips or how to blog successfully so that you can earn million Pkr per month. Hopefully this article can enlighten you.

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