How to Remove Snippets (Post Description) using iMagz Template

How to Remove Snippets (Post Description) using iMagz Template

TrickPk.com - Snippets or short descriptions of blog posts are actually not that important to display. The average blog visitor will only see the title of the post when searching for the article they want.

In addition to blog snippets that will only fill space on the blog (junk for some templates, including the iMagz, Fletro, Median UI), it turns out that snippets also slow loading more or less and even affect SEO scores in several types of templates. Therefore, we better hide it.

However, under certain conditions there are indeed some templates that do require a snippet to fill the space that is too empty. For example a blog with a posting template in the form of a List (list) with large thumbnails like Viomagz. The snippet function is needed to beautify the display only.

How to Remove Snippets from IMAGZ Template

  1. Open  Blogger Dashboard

  2. Click  Theme

  3. Press  the Inverted Triangle icon

  4. Select  Edit HTML and follow below steps

  5. Then look for the code

  6. .pSnpt{-webkit-line-clamp:2;margin:10px 0 0;font-family:var(--fontBa);font-size:14px;line-height:1.6em; opacity:.7}
  7. Then add the following highlighted code in above code as below 

  8. .pSnpt{-webkit-line-clamp:2;margin:10px 0 0;font-family:var(--fontBa);font-size:14px;line-height:1.6em; opacity:.7;display:none}
  9. SaveTheme

How to Remove Snippets (Post Description) using iMagz Template

All are Finished 😊 the results will be look like above.

That's the tutorial on how to remove the iMagz template's short description of posts (snippets). Hope it's useful for you

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