How to Create a Telegram Link to Live Chat

How to Create a Telegram Link to Live Chat

In this article we will learn How to Create a Telegram Link to Live Chat  There are lots of messaging service applications that can be used to exchange information. We first knew about BBM or BlackBerry Messenger, Line, MiChat, WeChat, WhatsApp to the most recent Telegram.

Especially for Telegram, Telegram is widely used because it is famous for providing convenience and more complete supporting features. These supporting features include messaging services, group chats, group channels, video calls, or even watching movies.

The Telegram link that we discussed this time is useful for diverting users to live chat without having to save someone else's number. For more details, please press the button below:


So that's the example of the link that we will discuss. For a more complete explanation, please follow and apply.

How to Create a Telegram Link to Live Chat

How to Create a Telegram Link to Live Chat

  1. Open the TELEGRAM APP
  2. Select the navigation menu at the top left
  3. Select SETTINGS
  4. Set the USER NAME as desired
  5. At the bottom, click and the link will be copied automatically
  6. Telegram Username
  7. Finished.

For your information, creating a valid username also has its own rules. You can only write letters, numbers, and punctuation underscores (_). Otherwise it will be considered a failure and redirected to a renaming.

If you have previously set a username , please set the following link according to the username that was previously set. Example:



After that, you can directly post the link in HTML mode or send directly to other social media chat rooms. When compared to WhatsApp, using Telegram links is much easier which only requires a username without having to include an account number.

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