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How to Share Live Location Via Whatsapp To Know Your Position

In this TrickPk Service article, we will look at How to Share location or share our location with friends, family, or maybe a partner is a superior feature on Whatsapp.

How to Share Location via Whatsapp

Since being acquired by Facebook, Whatsapp itself has had interesting developments in terms of technology and features.

  • One of the excellent features of Whatsapp is that it can share your location live with chat opponents.

So, you don't need to worry about being able to meet someone in a place you don't know, because this feature will notify the user's movement.

For those of you who don't know how to use the "share live location" feature via WA, I will share how to just follow the steps below:

How to Share Location Live on Whatsapp

Share WhatsApp Live Location - TrickPk

STEP 1: Open the Whatsapp application, and select the contact you want to chat with.

STEP 2:  Then click the paper clip icon next to the chat column.

Share WhatsApp Live Location through chat - TrickPk

STEP 3:  Select the "Location" menu , then, select share live location .

Share WhatsApp Live Location - TrickPk

STEP 4:  If GPS is disabled, go to setting and enable it. 

Enable WhatsApp Live Location - TrickPk

STEP 5:  Set the time duration for its use, it can be 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 15 hours, after that, click send . ( own timing depending on your wish )

Share WhatsApp Live Location - TrickPk

STEP 6:  Finally click on, Send your current location

For the record , when another user chooses this Live Location, he will be seen moving on the map by other users so that they can find out directly where he is.

The live locatoin share feature is not only for individuals but, it can also be used for groups or broadcast messages.

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