Report Facebook Used Email as You Have - Link 641

Report Facebook Used Email as You Have - Link 641

Hello TrickPk Heroes, if You have an email account, you assign it to Facebook, but somehow this email is used by someone else. Then report back to Facebook immediately. So how do you read this to know more!

Instructions for Reporting Used Email Using Link 641

Report Used on Facebook Email as You Have

Link 641 - Report Used Email

And of course you want to request or complain about anything with Facebook you need to contact through the contact link. There are many different links with their own effects and in this article I will introduce you to link 641 and how to used it. 

Why is it called Link 641?

  1. Maybe many of you don't know, people often use the last three numbers of the link to call the name.

  2. And as usual, 641 is the three numbers of today's link contact.

When to Use Link 641?

  1. When you want to report your Email being used by others.

  2. In addition, it has a lot of functions that can be taken advantage of such as checking pass, unlocking accounts, recovering hacked Facebook nick and many other functions.

How to Use Link 641:

First you need to determine that your email is being used in another Facebook account. Or if that Email is being used in your nick, just go directly to the link, Facebook will automatically receive the Email in your nick.

Steps to be Followed

Step 1: Access the link: Click Here

Step 2: Choose the right problem you have.

Step 3: If you encounter 1 of the first 4 problems, you need to fill in the correct form that Facebook requires.

Step 4: Check the box "I agree" and then press send!

Now, you just need to wait for the email to respond and then follow the instructions from the email.

Depending on the case, the email may respond quickly or slowly, please try to wait a bit.

Finally outcomes:

Above is my guide on how to report used email using link 641. If you have any questions, please comment below. Wishing you a productive day of work and study!

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