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Solution For Facebook Block Account - Link 151

Welcome to TrickPk blog, if You are a Facebook user and one day you get blocked from features like comments or likes. If you feel uncomfortable about the above incident, please read this article!

Solution For Facebook Block Account

Solution  For Facebook Block Account

Link 151 - Block on Facebook

And of course you want to request or complain about anything with Facebook you need to contact through the contact link. There are many different links with their own effects and in this article I will introduce you to link 151 .

Following are the Steps To be Followed

Step 1: Access the link: Click Here

Step 2: Fill in the "Please explain why you think this is an error:"

Hello Facebook support team! My account has been disabled, I have submitted a request but have not received a response. Looking forward to help from Facebook...

Step 3: Submit!

Finally outcomes :

Above is my guide on how to unlock the feature with link 151. If you have any questions, please comment below. Wishing you a productive day of work and study!

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