How to Check who seen our Whatsapp messages in WhatsApp Groups

How to Check who seen our Whatsapp messages in WhatsApp Groups

Assalam O Alaikum, Bro and Sis, on this occasion We will discuss a tutorial that may not be really needed because basically the tutorial that I will share this time is one way that is arguably not too exposed or popular.

This tutorial will discuss about how to see who has read, seen posts or messages that we have sent in the WhatsApp Group, is it important to see this? In my own opinion and based on my experience, this is not important - really important.

But it can be very important if used and utilized at the right time and place, for example wanting to see who has seen the message or maybe you have a specific target for whom the message is intended for.

How to See Who Has Read Messages in WhatsApp Groups (Wa)

The following is a tutorial on how you can find out and check who has seen our message in the WhatsApp Group.

Case 1. Open WhatsApp application.

Case 2. Then select the WhatsApp group you want to point to. 

Case 3. Press and hold your message in the Group.

Case 4. Then click the menu icon. 

Case 5. After that click on Info.

Finally, you will see who has read, viewed and received your messages in the WhatsApp Group.

Final Words and Closing. 


That's our short tutorial on How to See Who's Viewed Our Messages on WhatsApp, I hope this article is enough to help you find the things you've been looking for all this time.

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