How to use WhatsApp on PC and Mac Application

How to use WhatsApp on PC and Mac Application

Hello friends! Today in this article we are going to talk about Some of you, of course, already know that some time ago, WhatsApp launched a special application aimed at Windows and Mac-based PCs. With this application, you will find it easier to communicate via PC without having to always hold a smartphone.

Want to know more about how to use it? Check out the easy steps below.

How to use WhatsApp on PC and Mac Application

How use WhatsApp on PC Application - TrickPk

Here are some steps follow it, and start using WhatsApp on your Pc or Mac.

STEP 1. Surely your desktop PC or laptop is using the Windows 8 operating system or Mac OS X 10.9 and above from it.

STEP 2. Download the application via your PC on Download WhatsApp .

STEP 3. After the download is complete, run the application.

STEP 4. The WhatsApp application will ask you to scan the QR Code that appears on your PC screen. It's easy. Open the WhatsApp application on a smartphone, then go to Menu (for Android) or Settings (for iPhone), and select "WhatsApp Web".

STEP 5. After the scanner feature is active, point at the QR Code .

STEP 6. Applications on the PC will first synchronize for a few moments. And voila! You can now chat more comfortably without having to check your smartphone back and forth.

Please note that this application runs natively on the desktop so that users will have notifications that appear like on a smartphone. Just like WhatsApp Web, its nature is only mirroring, which means that users still have to activate WhatsApp on a smartphone.

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