How Do You View Pesco Bill (Check Pesco Bill Online)

How Do You View Pesco Bill (Check Pesco Bill Online)

PESCO represents Peshawar Electric Supply Company. The main PESCO setup is in Peshawar and provides electricity to the entire Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It delivers its power to 2.6 million+ customers. The Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) is well established and committed to providing and maintaining a sustainable supply of energy to its many customers. We are in the process of meeting the expectations of our customers.

How do you view Pesco bill online?

Pesco is divided into eight (08) districts with a total area of 1,204,621 hectares. The PESCO covered area is divided as follows:

  • Area of Bannu

  • Khyber Constituency

  • Area of Hazara 1.

  • Area of Hazara 2.

  • Swabi constituency.

  • Area of Swat.

  • Area of Peshawar.

As you know power companies in Pakistan provide their customers online to check their credit online by visiting their official home website. The customer will also receive a double copy of the electricity bill.

How to Check PESCO Online Bill

Pesco Peshawar Electric Supply Company is a power supply company in Pakistan. They distribute electricity to 2.6 million consumers in Pakistan. The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) buys electricity for the people of Pakistan. Pesco allows you to print a copy of your customers' bills for viewing and download. Reference number with 14 digits, only one user where the user will need to use this feature.

How to Check Pesco Bill Online

If you have lost an original copy of the electricity bill then download a duplicate copy of the electricity bill by visiting the official PESCO website.

If you want to download a second copy of the electricity bill then click on the link provided below. You will redirect to the official PESCO website.

View Now
  1. Enter a 14-digit reference number outside the space and press the navigation key.

  2. The PESCO program will produce a duplicate copy of the electric bill on your screen within seconds.

  3. Then take a double copy of an electronic copy and pay it at your nearest bank.

The organizational structure and services of Pasco are focused on key activities that support the long-term vision. Key activities form the framework of our strategic objectives and form the basis of our member plans and services.

To download an electronic copy of the bill, click the Print button above. You can save electricity bills on your computer. To do this, select Save as PDF in print setup and click Save. You will be notified of your destination. Select the location of your computer and click Save. Electronic bills will be installed and stored in PDF format on your device or computer or phone.

↪️ First Method :

Check PESCO Bill Online within Seconds

How to Check Pesco bill online you can follow the following procedure as mentioned below.

  1. Open any internet browser chrome and Firefox  

  2. Search PESCO official Website or Click link Above. Now you need your old month bill and consumer Number/Reference No:

  3. Now You Enter 14 digits reference number without any space and press submit button.

  4. After that, you can see your bill.

↪️ Second Method :

How to Check pesco online bill

WAPDA electricity bills online bring electricity bills to those who provide the power in Pakistan. Through this app you can watch for free on his power and know how much you have to pay for the electricity bills of your home. The bill follows a variety of power that you can get online on the app.

Pesco Also has android mobile app you can download and check easliy your bill.


How Can You Pay For Easy Online Options?

You can pay your electricity bills at any of these Easy Collection Points below:

  • Pay by easypaisa

  • Pay by Pakistan Post

  • Pay by 1 Link

  • Pay by HBL

  • Pay by Allied Bank

  • Pay by Al Falah Bank

  • Pay by Bank of Khyber

  • Pay by UBL.

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Final Outcomes

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