NBP Compliance Officer MCQs Part 1

NBP Compliance Officer MCQs Part 1

Compliance Officer Fscpak Online Exam

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1. Quick Ratio is also known as_________
Current Ratio
Acid-test Ratio
Cash Ratio
None of the given options

2. Mr. Y and Mr. Z are planning to share their capital to run a business. They are going to employ which of the following type of business
None of the given options

3. ATM password should be kept in
personal diary
office diary
all of above

4. Reduction in price is called
Paid price
Invoice price
Book price

5. In Collection Account, a main account can be opened in:
The main branch
Any branch of the bank
Head Office
The branch near the head office of the customer

6. KYC means ?
Know your customer
Know your character
Both of above
None of above

7. We should keep our savings with banks because
it is safe
Earns interest
can be withdrawn anytime
all of above

8. Which type of card is not issued by commercial banks
Credit card
Debit card
ATM card
Green card

9. State bank of Pakistan was established in

10. Which function in Excel tells how many numeric entries are there ?

11. Lockers are maintained by a/an _____
Commercial Bank
Central Bank
Industrial Bank
Agricultural Bank

12.Bank reconciliation is a
Cash Book

13. Clearing house is:
A central collection place where banks exchange cheque or drafts at a specified time
A central point where clearing banks exchange cheque etc., and settle accounts
An office where bankers daily settle the balance of their accounts with each other
All of the above

14. Which term is used in connection with monetary policy
Bank rate
Market rate
Exchange rate
Wage rate

15.Which of the following is included in a Banker’s Cheque?
Name and code of the issuing bank
Instrument number
Amount in words and figures
All of the above

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