8 Best Grid & List Blogger Template Clean Designs  your Blog in 2023

8 Best Grid & List Blogger Template Clean Designs your Blog in 2023

In this article we will share 8 out of Grid and List Blogger template Designs for implementing in your blog that will change perspective on how beautiful a blogspot theme can be.

8 Out of Grid & List Blogger Template Designs To Use for your Blog

1) Salbuta Gradient Premium Blogger Theme

Salbuta is an extremely responsive out-of-the-box blogger theme with a contemporary grid light and gradient, many layouts and columns, and an easily customizable design with clear documentation. I've never seen a blogger theme better than this, by far. Additionally, a dark mode variation of it is accessible. Not bad, huh?

The template wonderfully embodies the current design style of wavy designs. You will even have the ability to turn various functions on and off. For me, that seemed like the ideal arrangement. You won't look back once you give it a try.

The features of this premium blogspot theme are listed below.

  • Responsive Design
  • Structured Data
  • Sticky Header
  • RTL Support  
  • Disqus Comment
  • Email Box
  • Share buttons
  • Custom Error Page
  • Infinite Scrolling 
  • Related Posts
  • Multi Post Layout
  • Wavy Header
  • Carousels and Sliders
  • ShortCodes and more.. 

2) Fletro Pro Responsive Blogger Theme

Fletro Pro is the ideal weblog theme for anyone seeking for something simple yet elegant. It was created using Blogger layout version 3 and the most recent SEO techniques. Your expectations will be exceeded by the design's first impression. It appears straightforward, striking, and expensive all at once. When you ask, "Should I buy it?" I'll respond, "Haven't you yet?"

Hello, and to answer your question, Fletro Pro v5.2 is the theme currently used on our blog. Looks great, no? Additionally, the designer offers some respectable help. I failed to note that it also has a strong AMP version.

3) Mepium Blogger Template

Mepium, a medium-inspired blogger variant, is third on our list. Mepium - a medium inspired blogger version. The use of fonts, font size values, spacing of letters and clean layout in Medium.com design is what makes it so special. The same concepts were cloned and a medium based blogger template was released namely Mepium.

Mepium appears at once efficient, understated, and intricate. Visitors are able to read content without being interrupted. The only thing I noticed was the Related Post Widget for Medium, which may be implemented soon. Mepium is the greatest option if you're looking for the most accurate copy of Medium for bloggers.

4) Neckel Responsive Blogger Template

Neckel is a multifunctional blogger theme created specifically for blogs that publish articles. It was created by adapting to the most recent design trends and Google Algorithms. The well-defined layout section makes it simple for someone who isn't a coder to modify this theme.

5) Median UI Out Of Pro Blogger Theme

Median UI is a web app based design that gives content priority over other components. The layout appears straightforward and simple to navigate. You'll appreciate how welcoming and convenient it is. The three columns give it the appearance of being an app page.

Additionally, it uses an adaptable design method as opposed to a responsive one. That implies that each component adjusts to the size of the screen. You can check for yourself by resizing the browser or using your own mobile design. This template's added features and unique design are enhanced by the dark mode.

6) LinkMagz Creative Blogger Page Design

Linkmagz is a blogger theme that loads really quickly and was created using the most recent design techniques. The page appears classy and quite thorough. Users can navigate through pages with ease thanks to the UI.

A product page option is also provided, which may be used to advertise designs, ebooks, and much more. The page can be customised more easily thanks to Theme Designer Support.

7) Materia X2 Unique Blogger Design Page

The design of this theme is inspired by Google Material Design and posses features that could be considered complete. With a 3 columns layout, it is a web app based designed template.

The navigation menu is shifted towards left side of page and sidebar to right side with contents in the middle. Alike Median UI, it also follows adaptive design concept and looks light on mobile devices as well.

8) Pakrex Premium Blogger Template

Pakrex is really amazing and clean blogger template used for any type of blog which may include both list and grid interface to its users. 

That's all. I hope you loved the list of creative,unique and out of box blogger theme designs. Start using them in your upcoming blogs and projects.

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