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How to Enable 2 Column Grid on Homepage Median UI 1.6  - Median UI 1.6 doesn't have a List/Grid button like the Median UI 1.5 template, but actually we can change the homepage's appearance to a Grid when it's opened on a mobile display.

How to Enable 2 Column Grid on Homepage Median UI 1.6

We would like to thank which reads: "How do I change the Median UI v1.6 post page to become a Grid" . We will answer these questions in as much detail as possible so that they are easy to understand.

What Will Change?

By default, the Median UI 1.6 blogger template homepage display only 1 column. To make it a Grid view, we're going to convert it to 2 columns. An example can be seen in the thumbnail image above. For a tutorial on how to modify it, see below.

How to Change the Appearance of the Median UI Homepage version 1.6

  1. Open  Blogger Dashboard

  2. Click  Theme

  3. Press  the Inverted Triangle icon

  4. Select  Edit HTML

  5. Look for code <body>

  6. Underneath there is a code like this

  7. <b:class cond='data:view.isMultipleItems' name='oneGrd'/>
  8. In order to become a Grid, change the code to something like this

  9. <!-- <b:class cond='data:view.isMultipleItems' name='oneGrd'/> -->
  10. Save Theme

  11. Done


So, to change the appearance of the Median UI 1.6 homepage to 1 column or 2 columns just add or remove the <!--    -->    code in the conditional <b:class cond='data:view.isMultipleItems' name='oneGrd'/ > .

Hopefully these tips are useful.

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