How to Fix Comment Column Not Appearing on Blogger

How to Fix Comment Column Not Appearing on Blogger

TrickPk.com - Some Blogger users experienced problems with the comments widget in April 2022. Especially for those who use the Median UI 1.5 and Median UI 1.6 templates. Where the comment column becomes an error and does not appear as it should.

This problem is none other than caused by the latest Blogger update made by Google. I have discussed this in a previous post entitled:  Comment Column Median UI Error Template. This is the cause.

Thankfully, the problem with the blogger comments feature can be overcome without having to replace blogger comments with Disqus or Facebook. You can follow the tutorial below.

How to Overcome the Error Blogger Comment Column

  1. Open Blogger Dashboard

  2. Click Theme

  3. Press the Inverted Triangle icon

  4. Select Edit HTML

  5. Press Ctrl + F

  6. Search code

  7. c => not c.inReplyTo

  8. Then add the following code at the end

  9. or c.inReplyTo == 0
  10. The result is like this

  11. c => not c.inReplyTo or c.inReplyTo == 0

  12. Save Theme.

That's how to deal with blogger comments that don't appear in the Median UI template or in other Blogger templates that are experiencing the same problem. May be useful.

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