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How to Customize the Search Column Appearing on the Median UI 1.6 - The appearance of the Search column in Median UI 1.6 seems to blend with the Header color . The new border and background color will appear if we hover our mouse over it. So that this search field is often not realized by visitors which results in this widget being rarely used.


Oh, yes, the tutorial was requested  from our Discussion Forum


Therefore, will provide a solution to the problem above. Where we will change the color of the search column widget from white to a more contrasting color.

How to Keep the Search Column Appearing on the Median UI 1.6

How to Customize Median Lookup Column UI v1.6

  • Open  Blogger Dashboard

  • Click  Theme

  • Press  the Inverted Triangle icon

  • Select  Edit HTML

Look for the header code .BlogSearch input

  1. Then you will find a code like this

  2. header .BlogSearch input{margin-top:0;padding:12px 42px;height:auto;font-size:13px;border-radius:12px;background: transparent ; width:calc(100% + 26px);left:-13px;right:-13px;transition:var(--trans-2)}
  3. Replace the word transparent with a color code, the result is like this

  4. header .BlogSearch input{margin-top:0;padding:12px 42px;height:auto;font-size:13px;border-radius:12px;background: #eeeeee ; width:calc(100% + 26px);left:-13px;right:-13px;transition:var(--trans-2)}
  5. Save Theme

Color code:

The color code used is free, we can choose the color we want using special tools, visit this link  Color Picker -

That's how to keep the search box display column on Median UI 1.6. May be useful.

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