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How to Redirect a Blogger Blog to another Blog

Hello friends! Today in this article we will talk about How to Redirect a Blogger Blog to another Blog. We will know all the ways to redirect a Blogger blog to another blog. So stay tuned to this article to know more.

If you want to redirect your blog post URL to another blog post URL. Or you may want to redirect your blog to a new URL. So in today's post there is a solution. The advantage of redirecting the URL of your blog post to the URL of another blog post is that you can avoid 404 errors and broken links.

If you want to transfer your conscience to another debit. Or if you want to move from Blogger to a WordPress blog, you should follow the steps below. Getting traffic to a new blog is a little harder to bring traffic to your new blog from your old blog. To redirect your blog to another blog just follow the other steps given below.

How to redirect Blogger blog to another blog (Step by Step)

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Before you know the steps to add a WhatsApp share button, we would recommend that you make a backup of your Blog template, because if something goes wrong then secure your blog plan safely.

  1. Log in to your Blogger dashboard

  2. Click on the Theme Category and then click on the Customize arrow

  3. Now click on Edit HTML

  4. Now click on the code section and press Ctrl + F, you will see a search bar on the display screen.

  5. Copy the code below

  6. Copy the code below and paste it just below of <head> tag.

<script> if(window.location.href == ' ') { window.location=""; } </script>


If the above script don't work so parse it from here then use it. 

If again above script don't work for you, This script redirect your whole blog to anther blog, if it's according your needs so use this code.

Search for </head>, Paste the code above to this </head> code.

<meta charset='utf-8'/> <meta content='0;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/> <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> <link href='' rel='canonical'/> </b:if>

Replace the with your new domain URL.

Note: Here is another code, If you do not want to redirect your entire blog, you should use the following. If you want to redirect your blogspot URL to another blog URL.

Copy the code given below. 

<meta content='5; url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

Paste this code below of header  "<head>" tag.

To use this code you can redirect your blog pages including your blog page to another blog to set a certain time. In this time code Set up 5 seconds after the 5th seconds user has redirected with other blog.

I hope you guys will successfully post your blog to another blog by following the Steps above.


The purpose of today's post is to provide you with How to redirect Blogger blog to another blog. Did you like this method of redirecting a Blogger blog to another blog? You should give us your feedback in the comment box below. If you also want to give us any kind of suggestions, then share your opinion with us in the comments box.

Thank you!

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