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How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days - Link 333

Hello, welcome to TrickPk blog again in Facebook helping tutorial if You are a Facebook user and you want to change your name when you just did it not long ago, then this is an article for you.

Instructions For renaming Facebook Name - With Link 333

Change Facebook Name Before than 60 Days

Instead of limiting account renaming to no more than 5 times, Facebook has moved to limit renaming accounts within 60 days. That means you cannot change your name more than 2 times within 60 days and of course have to wait 60 days to change your name again. There are people who, for some reason, have to change their name right away or change the wrong name, and want to change it back, they have to wait up to 60 days to do it. This is quite annoying, isn't it? Here, I will share with you how to change your Facebook name when it is less than 60 days, stay tuned!

Perhaps some of you still don't know, Facebook has a lot of contact links for requests, reports, complaints for many different purposes. And the name change is no exception. 

Currently, there are many contact links that support renaming. Today, the link that I want to introduce to you is link 333 . Those of you who do Facebook services, surely everyone knows the link 333 . Take the last 3 numbers of the link to call the name!

Change Facebook Name When It's Less Than 60 Days


Step 1: Visit link 333: Click Here

Step 2: Enter the first and last name to be changed (requires to match the identity document)

Step 3: Choose the reason for the change (legal name change)

Step 4: Your documents (upload your identification: ID card, citizen identification, driver's license, passport or insurance card)

Step 5: Click submit!

After submitting the request, you wait for about 24-48 hours, your name will be automatically updated on your account and accompanied by a thank you message from facebook!

In case the name cannot be changed and the notice cannot verify your name, please take a clear photo of your ID card/driver's license and re-upload it (requiring to use your real name and match the submitted documents).

There are some accounts that will not be able to access the above renaming link, so you can fake IP (any foreign IP to try).


Above is the entire guide to change Facebook name when it is less than 60 days or the name is not accepted. Good luck and have a great day. Good bye and see you again!

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