How to Create Infinite Scroll on the Median UI Template

How to Create Infinite Scroll on the Median UI Template

TrickPk.com  -  Infinite Scroll is a term for page navigation that does not require buttons to load the next post. So every time a visitor reaches the posting deadline, this infinite scroll feature will load automatically so that the content is loaded continuously.

Types of Page Navigation

For those who don't know, there are 3 kinds of page navigation, including:

How to Create Infinite Scroll on the Blogger Template
  1. Pagination: Pagination is the navigation of a page that contains many numbers or numbers. So that visitors can jump to some other page they like.

  2. Load More: Load more is a one-button page navigation.

  3. Infinite Scoll: Infinite scroll is a page navigation that has no buttons at all, but is equipped with automatic detection to pamper visitors to see the next page without doing anything.

Advantages of Infinite Scrolling

Infinity Scolling has many advantages that other types of navigation do not have. But here I will mention only 3 advantages so that the discussion is not too long.

1. Visitors are King

Blog visitors are guests of honor who must be well served. The infinite scroll task here is like a service that takes the initiative to always present interesting articles that may be liked by its guests. So, infinite scrolling minimizes the task of the visitor in pressing the button.

2. Provide Better Content Exposure

In social media, advertising, and business, we are familiar with the terms exposure and impression. These two things are very important to increase the number of post clicks. That's why Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest always use the infinite scrolling technique in each of their applications.

In addition to making users not tired of pressing buttons, users can also be addicted to content that appears continuously, especially if there is something they like.

It's different if we use button navigation, visitors' eyes will only see the top content. They will only see other content if they want to press the next button.

3. Quick Page Browse
Deprecated, browsing using infinite scroll is faster than others. This certainly saves the viewer's time and effort while on the page.

How to Create Infinite Scroll on the Median UI Template

  1. Open  Blogger Dashboard

  2. Click  Theme

  3. Press the  Inverted Triangle icon

  4. Select  Edit HTML

  5. Look for the InfiniteScroll code  ({ type: 0

  6. Change the number 0 to 1 or 2

Infinite Scroll Navigation Description:

type: 0 means the user needs to click the button to load another post.
type: 1 means the user only needs to scroll the page to the end of the page to load another post.
type: 2 means the user needs to click the button once to load the next post, after that the user only needs to swipe down (scroll) the page to refresh the next page.

In other words, type: 0 is the Load More navigation type used by Median UI by default. Meanwhile, to change it to Infinite Scroll, just change it to type: 1.

But if we want to combine Load More navigation with Infinite Scroll, we can use type: 2.

That's the tutorial on how to make an infinity scroll. Hopefully useful for all readers.

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