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How to Change the Blogger Image Link to old Link

Hello TrickPk viewers, today in this article i will show you how to change the blogger image link to the default, specifically from the link to the old commonly used link of the form .

Instructions to change blogger photo link to default

Google continues to make an update about Blogger that is to change the image link when we upload the blogspot article. What the purpose is, no one knows.

With the familiar image link when we upload the article, it usually has the form below

With Google's update, when we upload an image to the article, it will look like

So we look at the new image link, the image name is no longer there . With this new image link, many blogspots use Javascript / Ajax to get data, they will not receive image thumbs if that blogspot does not add code to automatically scan the first image as a thumb with images from the outside.

How to change the blogger image link to previous version

Instructions to change blogger new photo link to old link

The manual way to return to the default image link is as follows:

First of all, you just need to upload the image to blogspot.

In this step, you do not press Select but right-click the image, then open the image in a new TAB or click on replace link icon as in screenshot.

Then you change:

and it can be change to  (or leave it the same) h120 or h200 or any, changed to s1600 (maximum size)

After changing the 2 positions above, you already have a default image link that we still use so far.

Now you take the image link above and insert it into the blogspot post

Instructions to change blogger new photo link to old link

Note more about the new image link of blogger, if you want to crop the image, change Size to s320 or any you want and width and height according to h200 and w200 etc or any you can chooose.


So i hope you understand above instructions how to fix Blogger images new issue and to change blogger photo link to default.

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