New Method How to Lock FB Lite Profile, Other People Can't See

New Method How to Lock FB Lite Profile, Other People Can't See

Lock Facebook Profile with the easiest steps and you can do without using a VPN application. Profiles cannot be seen by other people, both posts, photos, videos and others.

This time TrickPk will discuss again one of the unique facebook tricks and rarely people know. Lock profile page on facebook. 

Lock Facebook Profile New Trick 2022
  1. Have you ever looked at someone's profile page, and it was locked?

  2. Usually it's written like this: Person A locks his profile. Like this picture:

Lock Facebook Profile

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2 New Methods How to enable Lock Profile option on Facebook

Actually this feature is already available on Facebook, it's just not available in all countries. Today i try it on my profile and i seen this feature in my profile but probably working.

How to Lock Profile on FB

So, some people use VPN apps for this. But there is an easier way, and we don't need to install a VPN application.

Well, I have several ways that you can try either on your cellphone or PC, so you can choose for yourself which one you like. But the easiest is the first way.

This time I will give a tutorial on how to lock your Facebook profile so that other people don't see it.

Often people visit our Facebook profile just to see posts and photos on our profile account.

Some people don't want other people they don't know to visit their profile and view their Facebook profile.

Now to avoid that, we have to lock our FB profile so that people don't easily see the contents of our profile before adding a garden or following us on Facebook.

And here are the steps on how to easily lock your Facebook profile so that other people don't see it.

How to Lock Profile on Facebook Application Easily 2022

To lock it we just go to the settings menu on Facebook. The key to our own Facebook profile is to avoid stalking others on our Facebook.

Here's how to lock your own facebook profile in the direct application.

Method #01

  1. Ist of all Open the Facebook app.

  2. Then select the 3 line menu in the upper right corner.

  3. Then select the menu named Settings / Settings .

  4. Look for the menu title named Audience and Visibility and press the profile lock menu.

  5. Next select the Profile Locking menu .

  6. Next press the Lock Your Profile button .

  7. press your profile lock button

  8. And, ok it

  9. Congratulations you have locked your profile.

  10. You locked your facebook profile successfully.

  11. Finished.

How to Lock Facebook Profile New Method

Method #02

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  1. First, open FB lite as usual

  2. Open the fb lite application as usual and follow the second step.

  3. Second, Open the Menu and Change the Language to This

  4. If the application uses Urdu or English, then change the language to this language. Scroll down for yourself and take a look at this image:

    By changing the language like this, the fb menu and settings will follow in that country. Therefore, this profile lock feature will appear.

  5. Third, Open the Settings Menu

  6. Here may be a bit difficult because the display language has changed. Try to open the menu, then select the settings icon.

  7. Fourth, Select Profile Lock in Privacy Section

  8. Then swipe down until you find the profile key. You just look at the icons, and select them like the image icon below:

  9. Fifth, Select the Menu Below and Confirm

  10. Then you just follow the steps. Click the blue menu at the bottom and select the blue menu again.

    Check this image:


    Well, now your profile is locked and other people (besides fb friends) won't be able to see your homepage and many more. You can check more details below.

  11. Sixth, Return the Language Again to Urdu

And now you can also change the language back to Urdu or English. You just see the menu icon.

What happens if we Lock FB Profile

There are several things that will happen if a user locks their profile. Maybe many of you don't know.

What is meant by other people below is other than friends.

  • Other people can't see posts and photos on timeline

  • Other people can't see full profile photo or cover photo

  • Other people can't see Stories

  • Others can't see Recent posts

  • All posts that were previously public turn into friends

  • All timelines or alerts will be reviewed

  • Profile page can't be screenshot (on FB lite)

  • And others

Well, how? How to lock a profile on FB is very easy, right. Good luck !

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