How to Change WhatsApp Fonts: Bold, Italic, Coret, Monospace

How to Change WhatsApp Fonts: Bold, Italic, Coret, Monospace

For WhatsApp users , surely you have got a message with a unique writing format. The text in the message appears in different forms such as bold, italic, and strikethrough, making the chat more interesting.

WhatsApp does offer a feature to change the text format. However, this feature is still rarely used because maybe many think that they have to download a third-party application to create such text messages.

In fact, changing the text format of WhatsApp messages can be done directly in the application itself. Here's how:

Change WhatsApp Text Fonts - TrickPk

1. How to bold text (Bold)

To bold text in WhatsApp messages , you only need to add a star (*) symbol on the left and right of a word, sentence, or paragraph.

  • For example 
*Trick Pk*

Bold Whatsapp Text

2. How to italicize text ( Italic )

To italicize text in WhatsApp messages, add an underscore or underscore symbol (_) on both sides of the text.

  • For example 
_Trick Pk_

3. How to cross out text ( Strikethrough )

To change the WhatsApp font to strikethrough text, simply add a curved line symbol (~) to either side of the word.

  • For example 
~Trick Pk~

4. How to bold , italicize and cross out text

You can also apply formatting to bold, italicize and cross out at the same time in the text. This is done by stacking the three symbols, namely slashes (~), star (*) and underscore (_) on both sides of the text. On the second hand, the order of the symbols must be reversed from the order on the first side.

  1. Italic + Bold Style

  2. For example

  3. Bold + Italic+ Crorss

For example


5. How to change the font to monospace

There is also a format that changes the message to a monospaced font, at with a more loose space. You do this by adding three backticks (``) symbols on both sides of the text.

  • For example 
```Trick Pakistani```

Getting the backticks (`) symbol is not as easy as getting other symbols. For iOS and Android users, you need to press the icon (123) on the keyboard and press the comma above (') for a few seconds so that the comma symbol type options appear above others, then select backticks (`).

Apart from these methods, you can also edit the font format for messages on the WhatsApp application using third-party applications, such as Flip Text, Stylish Text or Text Art. Good luck!

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