[100% Original] Download Plus UI v2.6.2 Blogger Template

[100% Original] Download Plus UI v2.6.2 Blogger Template

Most of you are familiar with Jagodesain, a recent blogger Median UI Template designer. A Blogger template that, because to its distinctive style, might be considered the country for Blogger brothers. And most lately, I discovered Plus UI Responsive Blogger Template, a lovely Blogger or Blogspot template modified from Median UI Template.

Seo Plus UI admin created the Plus UI Template, which has more sophisticated features and allows for greater flexibility than the original Median UI version. This template was created by Jagodesain using a combination of IMagz, Median UI, and Fletro Pro.

Download Plus UI v2.6.2 Blogger Template

Plus UI Template Features

The majority of Median UI and Imagz were combined to produce Plus UI, hence the latter's characteristics also seem to be present in Plus UI.

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Schema Markup

  • SEO Friendly

  • Ads Ready

  • Fast Loading

  • New Featured Post

  • Error 404

  • Responsive Footer

  • Multi Drop Down

  • Search Widget

  • Related Posts With Thumbnail

  • Social Share Button

  • Recent Post Widget

Some Advanced Features

Plus UI with many advanced features makes this Template many things unique. Here are a few of Plus UI's outstanding advanced features.

Realtime Views: Plus UI v2.6 leverages the Firebase Database to store views for the real-time view counts on posts.

Support Maintenance: When the maintenance function is activated, users will receive notifications for maintenance. To enable interface upgrade, the administrator won't see this notice.

Quick Edit: To make editing easier, quick edit buttons will show up when the admin enters the blog page.

Bookmarks: Users can access bookmarks with the help of this feature, but featured posts will be lost if the user clears their cookies or cache.

System Default Mode: Depending on whether your device is in Dark Mode or Light Mode, this feature will switch the Dark Mode.

Theme Color: Allow your website visitors to pick their favourite colour for your blog's theme. You can set 10 Theme Hues in the colours you like.

Music Player: If you're interested in the music player functionality, I also have a tutorial post titled "Create a music player with JavaScript."

Countdown Button: Download button with countdown in the countdown download box.

No Internet Connection: Alert the user when their Internet connection is lost.

Google Translate: Google Translate offers assistance to individuals from numerous nations.

Safelink: The Safelink function can help you get more people to visit your blog.

Rate Article: Give users the option to rate your articles.

Download Plus UI v2.6.2 Bogger Template

This is the official Premium version and JavaScript decoded, please do not re-share on your Blog for commercial purposes.


⚠️ All of the templates are given solely for educational purposes. No password required credit go to it's author.

Some of the Template's more sophisticated capabilities and its details are listed above. How to obtain and use the Template is covered next.

Instructions for installing the template

  1. You log into the Blogger admin page.

  2. Then go to the Theme menu .

  3. In the Customize menu , click the menu button and select Edit HTML .

  4. After the HTML template editor window opens, open the .xml file downloaded as in above...

  5. Then copy the entire content and paste it into the HTML editor. Click save to finish.

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