[100%] Download Lantro UI v1.4 Latest Blogger Template

[100%] Download Lantro UI v1.4 Latest Blogger Template

Hello friends! Try to keep with my spirit of sharing Blogger templates, in this article tickpk will share you an opponents Premium Plus UI Blogger Template which based on Median UI Blogger template. Plus UI and Lantro UI are two of the Median UI development templates that I regard to be the most beautiful, demonstrating how popular the Median UI template is among foreign Blogspot developers. Lantro UI is not like Plus UI with many features; instead, it is optimised for performance, with SEO as the primary focus. I purchased it officially from it's author, which is a very low price.

While Lantro UI may not have as many pulling features as Plus UI, it does offer certain standout features that can be enhanced when compared to Plus UI. This template is not used by me. =))

Download Lantro UI v1.4 Blogger Template

About Lantro UI Template

You may learn more about this template in the services offered below.

Name: Lantro UI

Platform: Blogger

  1. Enable dark mode

  2. Ads friendly

  3. SEO Optimized

  4. Fast loading

  5. Lazy loading

Some outstanding features

Lantro UI is a lovely and eye-catching Blogger theme with lot of SEO-optimized features, solid performance, ad-friendly, mobile-friendly, contemporary style, and more. The template makes an effort to offer you frequent updates with problem patches. Technology websites, food websites, tutorial websites, and other websites can all use this template.

  • Fast loading

  • Article rating

  • Reading Progress Bar

  • Easy to customize

  • Ads friendly

  • Fully optimized

  • Cookies consent

  • Preloader

  • Meta tags

  • Anti Ad-Blocker

  • Much more.. 

Demo and Download Lantro UI Template

Please be certain that this is the genuine, original, purchased template and not the copy I published it for educational purpose on the internet not for commercial purpose.

Thank you for your support and visit to TrickPk Blog.

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