How to Create Safelink Redirect Page in Blogger

How to Create Safelink Redirect Page in Blogger

Hello and welcome to trickpk blog, We have seen many websites using safelink page include those that offer downloading services, themes, and more. You may also be wondering how to create a safelink page. Consequently, we created a tutorial on how to create safelinks in Blogger. So let's check without wasting any time!

So, first of all, I would like to show about safelink page preview!


What is the conversion page or safelink blogger?

The redirect page or Safelink page for Blogger is a tool that the owner of the blogger blog adds to convert all or most of the external links to a personalised and changed private page according to the blog owner's intention to make money from it or leave the visitor in the blog for as long as feasible. The page is either a blog post with advertisements or a topic with a few paragraphs with ads.

There is often a seconds counter that is set by the blog owner at the top and bottom of the blogger redirect page or link conversion page. The user must wait for a predetermined amount of time before proceeding to the external link.

Would you like to add safelink?

Because using safelink has both benefits and drawbacks, in my opinion I will answer yes and no. So let's start with the benefits. This will safeguard the links, keep visitors on your website until the timer expires, increase your ad network earnings, and eliminate the need to purchase a new domain or build a new website specifically for safelink. The website is using Safelink prior to receiving AdSense approval, so you want to use third-party ad networks. Let's talk about the disadvantages now. Consequently, I did not advise you to use Safelink prior to getting AdSense approval.

How to add a page conversion or redirection to blogger?

The first stage is to create the conversion page:

  1. Login to the blog

  2. Add a new page

  3. Convert to HTML mode

Remove all codes and put the following code:

<!--[ 👇 Top Content Here ]--> <!--[Top Ad Here 👆 ]--> <div class="SL_TrickPk"> <button id="Createlink" onclick="show1()">Create Link👉</button> <button class="Pleasewait" id="Pleasewait1">⏳ Please wait...</button> <br/> <b id="Getlink1">👇Scroll down until you find the Create Link button👇</b> </div> <!--[ 👇 Mid Content Here ]--> <!--[Mid Ad Here 👆 ]--> <div class="SL_TrickPk"> <button class="Mainbutton" id="Getlink2" onclick="show2()">Create Link👉</button> <button class="Pleasewait" id="Pleasewait2">⏳ Please wait...</button> <a href="javascript:;" target="_blank" class="Openlink"> <button class="Mainbutton" id="Openlink" rel="noreferrer noopener">Open Link👉</button> </a> </div> <!--[ 👇 End Content Here ]--> <!--[End of ad 👆 ]--> <script>/*<![CDATA[*/ $("#Pleasewait1,#Pleasewait2,#Getlink1,#Getlink2,#Openlink").css("display","none");var msurl=location.href,surl=msurl.replace("your_safelink_page_url?u=","").replace(/\?m=0|&m=0|\?m=1|&m=1/g,"");$(".Openlink").attr("href",surl);function show1(){$("#Createlink").css("display","none"),$("#Pleasewait1").css("display","inline-block"),setTimeout(function(){$("#Pleasewait1").css("display","none"),$("#Getlink1,#Getlink2").css("display","inline-block")},10000)}function show2(){$("#Getlink2").css("display","none"),$("#Pleasewait2").css("display","inline-block"),setTimeout(function(){$("#Pleasewait2,#Getlink2").css("display","none"),$("#Openlink").css("display","inline-block")},10000)} /*]]>*/</script>

Look for your_safelink_page_url and other link to the page that I created.

The second stage is to add the CSS codes:

  1. Backup of your template

  2. Go to Template Editing

  3. Search for </head>  or for &lt;/head&gt;    

  4. Then put the following code right above it

<b:if cond='data:view.isPost'> <style> /* Safelink Redirect Page Script By TrickPk */ .SL_TrickPk{text-align:center} .SL_TrickPk button{background:#ffffff;font-size:16px;color:#000000;margin:25px auto;border:0;border-radius:15px;box-shadow:0 0 15px #000;padding:15px 25px} .SL_TrickPk button:hover{box-shadow:0 0 10px #000 inset} </style> <script crossorigin='anonymous' src='https://kit.fontawesome.com/4ad360bfd2.js'/> <script src='https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.6.0.min.js'></script> </b:if>

The third stage is to add js code

  1. Go to Template Editing

  2. Search for <body>  or for &lt;body&gt;    

  3. Then put the following code right above it

  4. <script>/*<![CDATA[*/ $(".Safe").each(function(){var c='/p/safelink.html?u=';var e=$(this).attr('href');$(this).attr('href',c+e)}); /*]]>*/</script>
    Find /p/safelink.html and change it to the link of the page you created at the beginning.
    Search for SL_TrickPk and other by class your download button.
  5. Then save the


Congratulations! The redirect download page is attractive and contains the finally destination link or file. Please leave a comment if you have any queries.

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