Create Advance Source Code Formatter Tool in Blogger

Create Advance Source Code Formatter Tool in Blogger

Hey, guys! Hello and welcome to TrickPk Blog. Assuming that you are looking at the Blogger tool script for the Blogger Source Code Formatter Tool. You are in the ideal place here. Because you can obtain this script for free and make a lot of money with your adsense. I'll be talking to you about how to create a Blogger Source Code Formatter

In this article we will share a Tool  about source code formatter in this blog today. Depending on what is appropriate, at least one lines of text are entered into a text area as information. Sometimes the text field is not editable and is only used to display text. A text area that automatically displays the worker name when the representative number is calculated is an example of a non-editable text area.

A cursor is frequently present in an editable text area to show where the text should be placed. Text boxes, text section boxes, and text fields are other terms used to refer to text regions.

Consequently, you must carefully follow the steps below in order to develop Source Code Formatter With Textarea Tool on Blogger.

How to Create Blogger Source Code Formatter Tool

Create Blogger Source Code Formatter Tool

Therefore, in order to make the Blogger Source Code Formatter Tool on Blogger, carefully follow the steps below. Additionally, by following these instructions, you may create this tool for your blogger website with ease.

Step 1

1. Before anything further, download the mentioned tool source code and check out the tool's demo as below.

2. After you click on the provided download button, it will be downloaded.


Step 2

  1. After Downloading  Script You will go to your - Blogger Dashboard

  2. Go to Theme

  3. You must back up your theme before go to Edit HTML

  4. Go to - Edit HTML

  5. Search    </head>  

  6. Copy CSS Code below and Paste on top of   </head> 

  7. Now Create a new Post or Page

  8. Copy HTML & Javascript Code below and Paste in your blog Post or Page

  9. Publish

Final Words

I didn't share this information to anyone who saw it or copied it. This information is based on extensive study and my own experience. So please don't remove author credits on this material.

We appreciate you reading our blog. If you have any issues while Downloading and using HTML & CSS to create this Blogger Source Code Formatter Tool, please get in touch with us or leave a comment. We'll do our best to resolve your issue as quickly as we can.

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