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How to Modify the Post Date Format in the Median UI Template

How to Modify the Post Date Format in the Median UI Template - As far as we are aware, Pakistan's date format is not used in the Median UI template's date format. Month, Date, and Year (m/d/Y) are the order in which dates are written. In our country, the writing position begins with the date, followed by the month, and then the year (d/m/Y).

It makes Pakistani or Indians upset to see the date written otherwise from how it is customarily done. So that blog readers are comfortable seeing it, it would be a fine decision to modify this date format.

How to Change Post Date Format

How to Change the Median UI Template Post Date Format

Here full procedure how to How to Modify the Post Date Format in the Median UI Template

  1. Open  Blogger Dashboard

  2. Click  Theme

  3. Press  the Inverted Triangle icon

  4. Select  Edit HTML

  5. Press Ctrl + Shift + R

  6. Then enter this text in the Replace All column :  MMMM d, YYYY

  7. Press Enter

  8. Enter this word in the With column : d MMMM YYYY

  9. Press Enter

  10. Save Theme

All are done in procedure 1☺️

How to Change Date Format on Homepage

On the Home page there is a date under the title and thumbnail, the date format can be changed by:

  1. Find the code aTtmp pTtmp pbl as in below section

  2. Code will be looking as: <time class='aTtmp pTtmp pbl' expr:data-text='format(, "MMM d, YYYY")' expr:datetime=' ' expr:title='"Published: " + format "d MMMM YYYY"'/>
  3. Then change the code MMM d, YYYY to d MMM YYYY

  4. Save Theme

How to Change Date Format in Related Articles

In the Related Post widget, there is also a date that can be edited in format, this is how:

  1. Look for pInf code  pSml

  2. Then there will be 2 codes that look like this  data-date="'+M+' '+D+', '+Y+'"

  3. Change to  data-date="'+D+' '+M+', '+Y+'"

  4. Save Theme

That is how to modify the format of the median UI post date. Please remember to subscribe to our blog so that we can continue to share fascinating information.

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