New Feature! How to Edit Sent Messages on WhatsApp

New Feature! How to Edit Sent Messages on WhatsApp

Edit WhatsApp Messages Without Hassle - In this article, I will again discuss the online messaging application, WhatsApp. As one of the most popular applications in the world, Meta as the parent company will always update the application to provide new features.

According to the news, one of the features that will be provided by WhatsApp is the text message editing feature. But the edit in question is not the one that will be sent, but the message that has been sent.

When typing, users sometimes make a typo or what we usually call a typo. We can just pull the message, but it would be more helpful of course if the message can be edited as desired.

How to Edit Sent Messages on WhatsApp

The plan has actually been around since 2017. It was only in 2022 that the plan finally got a follow-up with the development of the beta version of WhatsApp.

How to Edit Sent Messages on WhatsApp

  1. Open the WHATSAPP app

  2. Select the message to edit

  3. Select and hold the text you want to edit

  4. Select the three dot icon

  5. Choose EDIT MESSAGE

  6. Select OK

  7. All, done.

After that, the text will change as desired in both the sender and the user it is sent to.

Although there is no official confirmation when it will be released, this feature will definitely help us all. Oh yes, the message editing feature is not only for the Android platform, iOS and web users will also get a similar update.


With the presence of the message editing feature, users no longer need to withdraw messages if they are written incorrectly. Just edited and done. To use, make sure your WhatsApp is on the latest version.

In addition to editing messages, WhatsApp is also rumored to be providing a status reply indicator. And the latest information obtained from the Twitter account, WhatsApp users in the future can also send files up to a maximum of 2 GB.

Wow amazing, wait for more!

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