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How to Change Minute Read Position in Median UI  - Minute Read is a feature that helps visitors predict how long it will take them to read a blog article. The size of the number in Minute Read depends on the length of the article written by the blog owner.

Median UI is one of the blogger templates that embeds this feature. But unfortunately, Minute Read's position on Median UI feels untidy and needs a little improvement to make it more organized and professional.

So, the Minute Read position which was originally next to the Posting Date, I will separate it so that the Minute Read moves to the right side. The point is to align it with the post Thumbnail.

How to Change Minute Read Position in Median UI

Before modifying the template, you should first back up the template so that if there is a code editing error, the template can be returned as before.

  1. Open  Blogger Dashboard

  2. Click  Theme

  3. Press  the Inverted Triangle icon

  4. Select  Edit HTML

  5. Look for the code .postTimes{width:100%

  6. Later we will find a code like this

  7. .postTimes{width:100%; margin-top:25px; font-size:90%;line-height:20px}
  8. Add the code  ;justify-content:space-between before the closing brackets.

  9. After adding the code above, the code looks like this

  10. .postTimes{width:100%; margin-top:25px; font-size:90%;line-height:20px ;justify-content:space-between }
  11. Next, look for the code  .postAuthor, .postTimes

  12. Remove code  ;padding-right:15px

  13. Save Theme.


That's how to change minute read position regarding the Median UI v1.5 template . Also read other tutorials about Median UI here

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