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How to Make Your Blog Article/Content Locked

TrickPk ~ Hello TrickPk friends, on this occasion I share information about How to Make Blog Article Content Locked or Password. You can see the results of this tutorial directly below:

Enter password TrickPk to access full script.

Enter Password To Open This Article!

Here's How to Make Blog Article Content Locked or Password

How to Make Your Blog Article/Content Locked

Here steps how to implement it

  1. Installing the code in the article

  2. Open a Blogger account.

  3. Create a new article, switch to HTML mode.

  4. Copy the below code

  5. Publish articles and see the results.

<script> function verify() {   if (document.getElementById('password').value === 'TrickPk') {     document.getElementById('HIDDENDIV').classList.remove("hiddentrickpk");     document.getElementById('credentials').classList.add("hiddentrickpk");   } else {     alert('Password Wrong!');     password.setSelectionRange(0, password.value.length);   }   return false; } </script> <style> .hiddentrickpk {display: none;} .trickpkpassword{padding:20px;background:#d1000e;border-radius:5px;width:300px;} .TrickPkbutton{padding:4px 20px 4px; 20px;background:#222;color:#fff;width:80%;border-radius:5px;} .TrickPkinput{padding:4px;background:#fff;color:#000;width:80%;text-align:center;border-radius:5px;margin-bottom:3px;} .TrickPkket{text-align:center;margin-bottom:5px;} </style> <center> <div id="credentials"> <div class="trickpkpassword"> <div class="TrickPkket"> Enter Password To Open This Article! </div> <input class="TrickPkinput" id="password" onkeydown="if (event.keyCode == 13) verify()" type="text" /> <br /> <input class="TrickPkbutton" id="button" onclick="verify()" type="button" value="Open Article" /> </div> </div> </center> <div class="hiddentrickpk" id="HIDDENDIV">   <!--Start Article Body--> <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: red;">GUYS! PUT THE CONTENTS OF THE ARTICLE YOU WANT TO PASSWORD HERE</span></p>   <!--End Article Body--> </div>

From this method, you can make articles locked with different passwords.


  1. What is clear is to hide the contents of the article

  2. For those of you who are a teacher/instructor who wants to post student scores online on a blog, you can use this method. You can give the password that you created to the students through the WA group. So that only your students know the password. Not bad if you get visits from students.

  3. It looks elegant and protected, like a secret document.

  4. Can be used to hide passwords or download links. Which you can combine with embed Youtube videos to your blog. Like: to get a password, please watch the video below and find the password in the video . It's good to add views.


  1. The contents of the protected article can still be seen if the visitor does CTRL+U by view-source on the protected article

That's information about " How to Make Blog Article Content Locked or Password ", good luck and hopefully it will be useful. Good luck!

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