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How to Backup All Blog Content Data

How to Backup All Your Blog Content Data – This time I will share how to backup all blog article data. Backing up blog article data is very important if unwanted things happen at any time your blog is deleted by Google or maybe someone who doesn't like it and is ignorant wants to hack your blog after that all articles are just deleted, how do you feel? the article has many results from typing itself just disappear .. hmm .. take it easy if my friend has done this.

How to Backup All Blog Contents Data

Backing Up and Restoring the data files of this blog article has been provided on the blogger dashboard, but maybe my friend doesn't know anything yet, it might be considered trivial even though the data for all of our blog articles is very important so that the blog can be saved by backing it up.

How to Backup All Blog Article Data

Here's How to Back Up All Blog Article Data:

  1. First, please, my friend, enter the blogger dashboard first

  2. Then go to the Settings menu > More Blogger

  3. How to Backup All Blog Article Data

  4. After that select "Back up Content"

  5. How to Backup All Blog Article Data

  6. Then a popup will appear and please click "Download"

  7. How to Backup All Blog Article Data
  8. All Done, if you want to restore files from the previous backup, please select "Import Content"

Easy isn't it, that's an easy way for you to backup all the article content on your blog.

That's it, this article is about How to Backup All Blog Article Data Content , hopefully it can be useful for friends...

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