Telenor Free Internet Latest Codes and Tricks in 2023

Telenor Free Internet Latest Codes and Tricks in 2023

Hello friends today I am going to give you the latest Telenor tips for free 2024 internet code with the help of these methods you can use Telenor internet for free all day so you do not have to spend your money on telenor internet packages. Yes you can use free internet on your telenor sim without and without telenor internet packages. 

So In this article, I will also completely share all the cheapest and best 3G / 4G Telenor Internet Packages recently (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly).

It will view all Telenor Daily Internet Packages, Telenor Weekly Internet Packages, and Telenor Internet Packages Monthly one by one with free internet.

A lot of people are asking and looking for Telenor 3G Internet packages on google, facebook, so I decided to include all of Telenor's online packages with free internet in one post so I could easily find them.

If you find any of the packages below do not work or provide an error, feel free to comment below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

This article contains both free internet and with  telenor cheapest packages codes.

Before we share all the free internet codes for telenor if you use all these free internet codes you will definitely get free internet.

Some of these codes are for some special areas and some are for special sims so please try all of these telenor free internet code. 

Telenor Free Internet New Codes  Telenor Talkshawk Internet Packages Telenor Djuice Internet Packages- TrickPk

Download My Telenor App To Get Free Internet 2024

  1. First of all go to Playstore and Download the My Telenor app. 
  2. Now open the app and enter your telenor number in app.
  3. Successfully sign in and open app. 
  4. After just a few seconds you will get a massege from telenor to get 1GB of free internet from on telenor. enjoy free internet telenor. 

Free online Vpn Proxies internet of Telenor 2024

Now I am going to give you an online telenor representative for the latest 2024. Proxies are a form of Internet setting that helps to use to add an internet server and use the free internet. Most of these proxies are blocked in a very short time but this free telenor representative is one of the most recent internet proxy to try this once. 

  1. First download Uc Browser
  2. Now Goto's access point and build a new one (access point is most common in network settings)
  3. Now in the first name right TrickPk.com
  4. in the APN domain of the Internet type
  5. In proxy field type
  6. In the form of port 80
  7. Save the setting and open the data
  8. Boom enjoys free internet at UC Browser only

Telenor Sim Lagao Offer Code

Telenor offers sim lagao offer SLO gift to all unemployed sim users to meet the requirements of this sim lagao offer you must have an unused sim from 1 month ago and you need to use this sim and you need to upgrade your sim again to be delivered. So follow the steps below to get this offer

  1. First insert the sim on your mobile again
  2. Now recharge your sim account ( Required Charges Rs. 0.2)
  3. Now open the message box and type 'Free' or 'FREE' and send it to 2222 or call 2222
  4. Now wait a moment and you will get the subscription exit.

Free Internet Telenor VPN 2024

Telenor free internet VPN 2024 is finally available now you can enjoy free internet on your telenor sim using VPN. This free online scam works only for android users. so follow the steps to use the free internet in your Telenor sim.

  1. First open a play store
  2. Now search for SKY VPN
  3. Now install the telenor sim on your mobile phone
  4. Make sure you do not have an internet package or balance
  5. Now open your sim data
  6. Now open the sky vpn app and click the connect button
  7. Now use any app that will work 100%

Telenor Free Internet All Codes

  • Dial *311# or *5*345# to get free facebook and whatsapp
  • Dial *345*7777# or *345*3333# or *345*991# or *345*818# to get telenor free internet
  • some extra codes *991# or *345*546#
  • Dial *888# to get free internet for one week
  • Dial *345*75# or *345*88# to avail telenor free net unlimited free.
  • Dial *5*700# to get 500MBs for next 10 days
  • Dial *345*1004* or *345*477# or *12# to get free 5GBs of telenor internet

Now we share all cheapest packages codes by using telenor sim.

Now we look at the Telenor 4G Internet Daily packages, the Telenor Internet Weekly Packages, and the Telenor Monthly Internet packages, one by one.

if you want to use free internet on telenor then follow telenor free internet trick 2024.

Telenor Daily 2024 Internet Package:

Telenor offers another great package for everyday internet users. You can access the internet daily at a low price by subscribing to Telenor 4G Daily Internet Package 2024.

How to Register a Daily Internet Package for Telenor:

  1. Dial code: * 10 #
  2. Limit: 350 MB (1AM - 7PM)
  3. Performance: 1 day
  4. Price: 16 RS.

Telenor 12 Hours Internet Package 2024 (Raat Din Offer):

Telenor 4G now offers us another great package for late-night internet users. This package includes the best data value at the lowest possible price.

How to Register Telenor 12 Hour Internet Package:

  1. Dial code for registration: * 150 #
  2. Limit: 1.5 GB (12AM - 12PM)
  3. Performance: 12 hours
  4. Price: 18 RS.

Telenor 4G Daily Lite 2024 Internet Package Online:

Telenor also offers a great package for those who do not want to use the Internet for hours but only need to search for specific notes or have other questions. In this package, the data is 50 MB but it is too low.

How to register for the Telenor Daily Lite Internet Package:

  1. Dial code for registration: * 12 #
  2. Limit: 50 MB
  3. Performance: Daily
  4. Price: 14.28 RS

This Telenor package is designed for basic internet users who do not use the Internet for videos but only browse.

How to register for the Telenor Daily Basic Internet Package:

  1. Dial code for registration: * 345 * 131 #
  2. Maximum: 75 MB
  3. Performance: 1 day
  4. Price: 15 RS

Telenor 2024 Three-Day Internet Package:

Those who want to use the free internet for 3 days just to browse and who want to use Facebook for free, should sign up for this online package. It is an excellent package for Facebook users.

How to register a Telenor 3 Day Internet Package:

  1. Dial code for registration: * 32 #
  2. Limit: 200 MB + Free 200 MB Facebook
  3. Performance: 3 days
  4. Price: 49 RS

Telenor 4G Weekly Super Internet 2024 Package:

Telenor also offers a weekly package of users who want to use the free internet and also want to use Goonj Free, WhatsApp, and Gamebox videos for free and subscribe to this offer.

  1. Dial code for registration: * 288 #
  2. Limit: 2GB + Free 500 MB (WhatsApp, Goonj, Gamebox)
  3. Performance: 7 days
  4. Price: 120 RS

Telenor Weekly 4G Ultra Plus Internet Package 2024:

This is another weekly online offer by Telenor with a higher volume than the above package.

How to register a Telenor Weekly Plus Internet Package:

  1. Dial code for registration: * 225 #
  2. Limit: 10GB + 2GB (Goonj App)
  3. Performance: 7 days
  4. Price: 265 RS.

Telenor 4G Weekly Internet Package 2024 (1 AM-7PM):

Telenor 4G internet packages are the best in the market and this is an excellent offering for Telenor. It offers 2.5 GB of data for only 101.58 Rupees.

How to register a Telenor 4G Weekly Internet Package:

  1. Dial code for registration: * 345 * 144 #
  2. Limit: 2500 MB
  3. Operation: 7 days (1 AM-7 PM)
  4. Price: 101.58 RS.

Telenor Internet Package Monthly 2024 (Data Offer):

Are you a Pocket TV fan? After that you are very lucky that Telenor offers a free online package of 2 GB to 1 GB (WhatsApp, Goonj, Gamebox) for free.

How to register for the Telenor Monthly Internet Package (Data Delivery):

  1. Dial registration: * 301 #
  2. Limit: 2 GB + 1 GB (WhatsApp, Goonj, Gamebox)
  3. Performance: 30 days
  4. Price: 200 RS

Telenor Internet Package Monthly 2024 (9000 MB):

Do you like online data? if YES, this is a very exciting donation made by Telenor offering 9 GB free data for 597.5 Rupees for 30 days.

Package NameMega Monthly Offer
Limit 9000 MB
Off-net balance Not available
Performance 30 days
Activation Code * 303 #
Price 597.5 RS.

Telenor Internet Package Monthly All in One 2024 (5 GB):

The most amazing and exciting online package was delivered by Telenor and its users. You can now enjoy Telenor Internet for free for 30 days for only 750 Rupees and you will get 10 GB free internet for the whole month.

Package NameMega Monthly Offer
Limit 5000 MB
Off-net balance 150
Performance 30 days
Activation Code * 345 * 246 #
Price 418 RS.

If there are any other Telenor Internet Packages that I have not mentioned in this post, you can comment below and let me know, I will update this article soon.

Thank you!

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