Solution For Facebook Identity Verification - Link 339

Solution For Facebook Identity Verification - Link 339

Hello, welcome to TrickPk blog again in Facebook helping tutorial If you accidentally locked your Facebook account, you want to verify your account to unlock Facebook, then this article is the answer for you!

Instructions for Verifying Facebook Identity Using Link 339

Link 339 - Facebook Identity Verification

And of course you want to request or complain about anything with Facebook, you need to contact them through the contact link . There are many different links with their own effects and in this article I will introduce you to link 339 and how to use it.

Why is it called Link 339?

  1. Maybe many of you don't know, people often use the last three numbers of the link to call the name.

  2. And as usual, 339 is the three numbers of today's link contact.

When to Use Link 339?

  1. When you want to unlock Facebook.

  2. When you want to submit documents to verify Facebook.

How to Use Link 339, By Verifying Facebook Account:

Step 1: Access the link: Click Here

Step 2: Select an identification document (Ex: National ID card, Citizen ID card, Driving license...)

Step 3: Enter the email address or phone number you associate with your Facebook account.

Step 4: Submit ! And wait for the account to be verified.

If you wait too long without seeing Facebook reply, please take a photo of the document and send it back.


Above is my guide on how to verify Facebook identity with link 339. If you have any questions, please comment below. Wishing you a productive day of work and study!

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