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Procedure How to Set Rose Telegram Bot

The Rose bot is one of the most popular moderator bots for Telegram. There are many other Telegram groups bot for it but this one is the best...

Telegram groups can have up to 100k members, that's a huge number. Managing such a large group seemed impossible. But, group managing bots like the Rose bot make it really simple. In this article, we will share a guide to help you set up the Rose bot on Telegram.

What is Bot Rose?

how to set rose telegram bot

The Rose bot is one of the most popular moderator bots for Telegram. There are many other Telegram groups for it but this one is the best and most popular one out there.

How to set rose telegram bot?

To set up Bot Rose on Telegram, follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram Group: To add Rose bot in your Telegram Group. 
  2. Add @MissRose_bot to group : Tap Add Member in your Telegram group. Find @MissRose_bot and add rose bot to group
  3. Give Admin Rights to Rose bot : you have to give Admin rights or Admin permission to Rose bot after adding it to your group.
  4. Send /connect in Telegram group : After giving admin permission, send /connect command in Telegram group.
  5. Connect Rose bot to Chat: After sending or connecting command in Telegram group chat. Bot Rose will ask you to tap the "Connect to Chat" button. Tap the button to connect the Rose bot to the Telegram group.

Now, the Rose bot setup process, finishes here. You can continue to use the Rose bot to ban or unban users and other things you might do with this bot.

Rose Bot Command List

Here is the Rose Bot Command List, you can use commands from this list with Rose bots in your group:

  • /setlang – Used to set the language of the Rose bot
  • /setflood – set spam message limit after which the member will be silenced
  • /setfloodmode – sets what action to take to deal with flooding
  • /allowlist – specify the types of media or messages allowed in Telegram groups
  • /rmallowlist – remove type from whitelist
  • /addblocklist – censor certain words
  • /unblocklist – remove from censored list
  • /unblocklistall – remove everything from the block list
  • /setwelcome – Let you set the message that is displayed when a new member joins
  • /captcha – add captcha for new members to prevent bot and spam access
  • /export – export configuration from one group
  • /import – import the exported configuration

Finally, outcomes :

There are more bot commands for the Rose bot, but these are the most popular. You can talk to bot Rose privately, try all commands to learn it. If you'd like to share some commands, leave them in the comments section below.

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