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How to Check DA and PA for your Website or Blog By TrickPk

How to Check Domain Authority DA and Page AuthorityPA for SEO Optimization on Blogs. DA PA is a standard that is usually used by advertisers to assess whether a blog has good quality or not. The higher the value, the better the quality.

How to Check Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) for Website or Blog SEO

Check Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA for Website

Now how you can check DA PA Blog online, you can visit this site:

Please enter your blog URL > then verify google capthca  > then click the check button.

Check (DA) and (PA) for Website

If the check button has been pressed, the DA PA of your blog will immediately appear through the table that appears, the higher the value, the better the quality of your blog or website. The scale for the DA PA value of this blog is 1-100, it's different if you used to judge using a blog's page rank on a scale of 1-10 only.

What determines the value of DA PA Blog can be high or large?

Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA can have a large value that can be influenced by several things, these things can also affect the SEO level of your blog into the Google search engine, including:

  1. Domain age

  2. Backlink Quality

  3. Lots of Blog Articles

  4. Quality of Blog Views

  5. Article Content

  6. Blog interaction between visitors and article content

  7. And many more.

How to Increase DA Domain Authority and PA Blog / Website Page Authority

To increase the DA PA Blog, of course, it can be done very easily, and the ways are actually all around us but we don't realize it ourselves. For example, when you want to increase the Domain Authority of your DA blog, by increasing the age of the domain, the popularity of the domain, and the quality of the backlinks, it must also be intensified with promotions or blogwalking.

As for Page Authority PA itself, this can be done by selecting keywords or keywords so that users can access them when looking for the content they need. By choosing the right keywords or keywords, you can also improve the quality of your web/blog SEO for the better.

So that's how it is related to CEK and How to Increase DA PA Blog so that it has a large or high value. You can use tools like Moz or smallseo to see the progress of your website or blog.

There is a free version of the tools above, there is also a paid version, for the free version you can only check a few times and it is very limited. Hopefully this article related to How to Check Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) for Website or Blog SEO can be useful. Thank you so much! 

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