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7 Tips For Choosing Best Domain Before Buying it

Domain is the address that will take you to the website you are going to. Basically, a domain is a simple form of IP address which is a complex combination of numbers. With so many websites spread on the internet, memorizing the combination of numbers is certainly very difficult. The domain function is a tool for identifying a web hosting.

An example of a domain, for example, is . Trick Pk is the website you want to go to, while .com is the domain extension to choose from. With a domain name, you don't have to bother checking the IP address of the website you want to go to. Simple, right?

To have your own domain name, you need to register the domain name you want.

Before buying a domain name, it would be nice if you first determine the domain name and purpose for which it was created. 

7 Tips for Choosing a Best Domain Name Before Purchasing It

7 Tips for Choosing Best Domain - TrickPk

Here are 7 Tips for Determining a Domain Name Before Buying It.

1. Use a name that is easy to remember and spell

Use words that make it easier for visitors to memorize the domain name, you can use a minimum of 2 to 5 syllables. For example: Tr-ick-Pk (3 syllables)

2. Determine the domain extension

Don't just stick to .COM, you can get creative with a variety of other unique domain extensions! Such as net,, xyz, org, id, site etc.

Example :

  • etc

3. Do not use hyphens and children

Avoid using hyphens and numbers. For example: or (better not, because it seems unprofessional)

4. The domain name does not contain Copyright

Make sure the domain name you choose doesn't have to deal with someone else's copyright.

5. Keep your domain name short, concise, and clear.

The shorter and clearer the domain name will be the easier it is to memorize, a short, dense, and clear domain name will make it easier for visitors to remember your domain name.

For example :


6. Match the domain name to the business image or persona you want to build.

In determining a domain name, you can also give it a charm, for example if you want to create an online website about buying and selling fish, you can use the name trickblog or shopcart etc

7. Do not delay buying a domain so that someone else does not take your dream domain.

Immediately buy the domain name that you dream of before being bought by someone else.


Hope you understand, now you can find best domain for your blog. 


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