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How to Mute Notifications during the Whatsapp Group

As one of the most popular Instant Message applications today, Whatsapp has helped many users of the Application to stay connected. Even Whatsapp is also trying to continue to help Whatsapp users to make it easier to use the features in them.

So it's no wonder if Whatsapp continues and continues to develop Whatsapp with features that can benefit these users

Day by day Whatsapp Develops Its Various Sophisticated Features to pamper its users so that users don't turn to other PlatForms. 

And one of the newest features that have been released by WhatasApp is to mute conversations, both individually and in groups

So that with this Minding feature, you are no longer bothered by notifications that come from individual or group chats. 

In addition, you can also take advantage of this feature to mute the Chat, either individually or in groups with several options, including 8 hours, 1 week and always.

With this option, you can choose the period of time you want to silence the conversation. 

How to Enable the Forever Mute Feature on a WhatsApp Account

Now to activate these features you only need to follow the steps as below among them.

Mute Notifications during the Whatsapp Group - TrickPk
  1. Please Enter Your WhatsApp Account

  2. Then please enter the private or group chat (I mean open any whatsapp group thay you already join) 

  3. Then Then Please Click the Point Three Dots in the Upper Right Corner

  4. How to Mute Notifications during the Whatsapp Group
  5. After that, please select Mute notifications

  6. How to Mute Notifications during the Whatsapp Group
  7. Then you click Always

  8. Mute Notifications during the Whatsapp Group - TrickPk
  9. And  process are done. 

Now that's the way to activate the Mute feature while on the WhatsApp application. Hopefully TrickPk his article can help all of you have a good try.

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