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How to Make a Blank Comment on the Facebook App

Reviewing or commenting on a social media application is not uncommon, we can even say it is a daily meal.

Every social media application must have this review or comment feature, some provide criticism, suggestions and others. Everyone is free to express themselves on this comment feature.

But what if the comment has no words, the text even has one character or is blank.

On the Facebook social media application, you can easily do empty comments, now this time I will explain about how to make blank comments on the Facebook application. 

How to Make a Blank Comment on the Facebook App

How to make a blank comment or review on the Facebook application is very easy once you do, you can practice it on all Facebook series such as Facebook lite, Facebook browser to regular Facebook.

How to make a blank comment on the Facebook app

  1. Open and login to your Facebook

  2. Find the post you want to leave a blank comment for

  3. Type or Copyand pastethe following code:

  4. @@[0:[0:0: ]]
  5. Finally, tap send comment.

That was how to make empty comments or reviews on the Facebook application, if there are problems, don't hesitate to write them in the comments column.

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