How to Create Automatic Source Links When Articles Copied

How to Create Automatic Source Links When Articles Copied

The easiest way that can be done to anticipate that your articles or blog posts are not easy to copy and paste by content writers is to install, create and add source link articles automatically to the blog template using custom JavaScript.

Not a few bloggers who want to create articles instantly by copying out an article or someone else's writing without prior permission.

As an article writer, you will certainly feel irritated and even annoyed when you see the results of writings / articles that are made with difficulty and then published on a blog on Copas without mercy and without our permission.

This article stealing technique is widely used by content thieves in the blogging world. And not a few of these article thieves use the AGC ( Auto Generate Content ) script to copy all articles from a site without waiting long.

And for those of you who may have experienced articles/writings on your blog being copied without your permission, it's better if you install an Automatic Source Link when your blog articles are copied by other people.

By creating and installing a source link when the article is copied and pasted on the blog, we can minimize so that the copycats are discouraged from copying all of our blog articles.

For friends who want to install the source auto link script when the article is copied on your blog, please follow the short tutorial below:

How to Install Automatic Source Links When Articles Get Copied

Let's start the actual procedure... 

1) Login Blogger
2) Edit HTML
3) Put one of the following scripts before the code </body> or it can be before the code </head>

<script> //<![CDATA[ // Copy Text function nocopas(){var e=window.getSelection();pagelink=" See more : "+document.location.href,copytext=e+pagelink,newdiv=document.createElement("div"),newdiv.style.position="absolute",newdiv.style.left="-99999px",document.body.appendChild(newdiv),newdiv.innerHTML=copytext,e.selectAllChildren(newdiv),window.setTimeout(function(){document.body.removeChild(newdiv)},100)}document.addEventListener("copy",nocopas); //]]> </script>

Please replace the above marked text with any other text you want.

Or you can also directly use the following script

<script> //<![CDATA[ !function(e,t){var n="getSelection",o="removeAllRanges",i="addRange",l="parentNode",a="firstChild",d="appendChild",r="removeChild",s="test",c="innerHTML";if(e[n]){var p,g,f,h,u,y;t.addEventListener("copy",function(C){for(g=C.target;3===g.nodeType;)g=g[l];if(h=t.createElement("div"),(p=e[n]())&&p.rangeCount&&(p=p.getRangeAt(0))&&(f=p.cloneRange(),p=p.cloneContents())){for(;u=p[a];)h[d](u);if(!/^(pre|code)$/i[s](g.nodeName||"")&&!/(^|\s)no-attribution(\s|$)/i[s](g.className||"")){var v=e.location.href;h[c]+="<br><br>&copy; "+t.title+'<br>Source: <a href="'+v+'">'+v+"</a>"}y=t.createRange(),t.body[d](h),y.selectNodeContents(h),p=e[n](),p[o](),p[i](y),setTimeout(function(){h[l][r](h),p[o](),p[i](f)})}},!1)}}(window,document); //]]> </script>

Keep in mind that using this trick does not mean your blog will be free from article theft. Because there are still many ways to copy our blog posts / articles.

However, by using this trick at least we can create and add to the work of the tracers to re-edit the copied articles on our blog.

In other words, the function of installing the automatic source link script on this blog is just to inform the copypasers that our blog is indeed not allowed to be copied without our permission. And if you still insist on copying all the articles on our blog, at least include the source link according to the article link on our blog. 

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