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How to Change WhatsApp Numbers Without Deleting Contacts

How to change this WhatsApp number is very easy, only done with a few steps, all you have to do is enter the whatsapp application settings and just follow the steps below then just change the number.

What are the effects if we change the wa number? Will contacts be deleted, leave your WhatsApp group, or cause contacts to be lost? I will discuss in full.

Now WhatsApp is launching a new feature, namely when you want to change your WhatsApp number, you can choose to share your number change information to the contact list or choose not to share it.


Before to going change your WhatsApp number, it is better to first backup all existing chats to avoid losing chats. Although in fact the possibility of missing chat is very small, it doesn't hurt us if only to anticipate.

How to Change WA Number with Screenshots

How to Change WhatsApp Numbers Without Deleting Contacts - TrickPk

Here's how to change the new whatsapp number or WA Number

STEP 1: Open the WhatsApp application, then select the other options menu in the upper right corner of the application.

How to Change WhatsApp Numbers Without Deleting Contacts

STEP 2:  Then select Settings >> Select Account and >> Change number as in screenshot.

Change WhatsApp Numbers Without Deleting Contacts - TrickPk

STEP 3:  A page will appear making sure you want to continue changing your whatsapp number or not, click NEXT.

How to change WhatsApp Number - TrickPk

STEP 4:  Then enter the old WA number at the top and the new WA number at the bottom .

How to change WhatsApp Number - TrickPk

For, example 

How to change WhatsApp Number - TrickPk

STEP 5:  Then choose to notify your contact list or not.

How to change WhatsApp Number - TrickPk

How to change WhatsApp Number - TrickPk

Finally, click DONE .


  • If your new WhatsApp number is on another cellphone, you need to verify it manually first.

  • With just a few steps above your whatsapp number has been successfully replaced.

Keep in mind that changing the whatsapp number in the way above will not delete chats or files that have been stored on the cellphone that have been received or sent, such as photos and videos.

Before using the method above to replace No wa, first know the questions that are often asked about what are the effects of changing whatsapp numbers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What caused us to leave the group?

  • No, if you have joined the group you will not leave the group automatically.

Will the contacts that were blocked on the old number remain on the new number?

  • No, if you have changed the WhatsApp number, the contact that you have blocked will not be blocked in the new number, and don't worry because the number you blocked will not know that you have changed the WhatsApp number.

Will you delete existing contacts?

  • The existing contact list will not be deleted as long as the contact is still stored on the cellphone. But if the contact is stored on the simcard, if the simcard is changed, the stored number will also be deleted. 

Can I go back to using the old number?

  • Yes, as long as your old number is still active.

If someone sends a chat to the old number, is it entered into the new number?

  • Of course not, because you have changed your WhatsApp number, then you should inform your contact when you change your wa number.

What happens if someone calls the old WhatsApp number?

  • Will not be able to make calls to the old number, and will automatically be directed to the regular phone call menu.

If I am a group admin, what happens?

  • Nothing will happen even if your WhatsApp number changes.

Will our friends know if we change whatsapp number?

  • It depends on your choice as explained above that you can choose to notify your contact or not.


Changing the WhatsApp number will not affect existing data such as chats, files, photos and videos, because everything remains on the device.

When changing the wa number TrickPk suggest that you activate the notification of changing whatsapp numbers to your contact list, because at any time if someone contacts you it is not difficult.

Thanks for reading. 

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